Plug Fishing for River Salmon (digital download)

JD Richey
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In this, the most comprehensive guide of its kind ever assembled, renowned guide JD Richey covers everything you need to know to consistently catch river salmon on wobbling plugs like FlatFish and Kwikfish.

Packed with full color photographs and diagrams, the book covers everything from the basics to sophisticated tricks used by pro guides.

Richey helps you understand why salmon eat plugs in the first place and then goes into great detail on several deadly techniques that will help you be more successful on the water.

You'll learn how to back-bounce, flatline and hover – and several other related methods. He'll also show you the tackle you'll need and how to pick the right size, color and models of plugs for each specific technique.

Also included are tips on how to properly rig plugs with different styles of hooks, how to properly tune your lures and the best way to fillet sardines and make bait wraps.

Please note that this guidebook is delivered in a digital format called PDF (it's not a physical book).

  • You'll get a PDF digital download.

  • Size
    7.45 MB
  • Length
    77 pages
  • You'll get a PDF digital download.
  • Size7.45 MB
  • Length77 pages
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Plug Fishing for River Salmon (digital download)

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